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Momenta - An exciting NEW adult weight management programme!!!


Are you overweight?
Have you tried to lose weight by following various diet programmes?
Do you always end up back to square one?
Would you like to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and weight gain and keep it off FOR GOOD?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, then you may like to consider MOMENTA - a brand new weight management/lifestyle change programme.

Momenta has been designed to encourage overweight adults to achieve weight loss that will be sustained in the longer term.

Interested? Then read on for more information and details on how you can take part.

What is Momenta?

Momenta is a 13 week weight management/lifestyle change programme for adults who are overweight. It has been developed using successful elements from a similar scheme for children called MEND (Mind Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!)

What’s different about Momenta?

There are many diet programmes available for people who wish to achieve a healthy weight, but many of these programmes concentrate solely on diet. As a result, many participants end up with only a short term weight loss. Momenta, on the other hand, encourages participants to focus on 3 factors involved in weight management: nutrition, physical activity and mind. Momenta participants are therefore much more likely to sustain their weight loss in the longer term.

Who will run the Momenta Programme?

Fully qualified BVAL fitness instructors will lead the Momenta sessions. All of the instructors have received Momenta training, and many of them have been involved with the MEND Programme for children and the extremely successful GP Referral Scheme.

momenta quoteWhat will the Momenta sessions be like?

Each week focuses on a completely different topic. Examples of topics include, ‘Looking at food labels,’ ‘breakfast benefits,’ and ‘exploring cardiovascular exercise.’ Interactive, informal discussions will take place around the topics. You will not actually DO any exercise in any of the sessions, but we are certain you will enjoy each session, feel fully informed and motivated to put everything you learn into practice! And don’t forget, as well as the instructors, you will also have the support and encouragement from all your fellow participants in the Momenta Programme.


How do I find out more, and can I join the programme?

For an informal discussion about anything to do with the Momenta Programme, please contact Nicole Rowley on 07703 540192.
Nicole is a member of the BVAL fitness team and she will be able to advise you on whether or not you are suitable to join the programme. She will also answer any of your questions regarding the scheme.

Momenta also have a website that you can check out here - The website includes a graph that allows you to easily calculate your Body Mass Index, which will determine whether or not you will be suitable to participate on the programme.