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Wildspace Network Art Trail

The Wildspace Network is an existing network of public footpaths, tracks and bridalways in Blyth Valley. The art trail consists of a series of pieces of public art located on a circular five mile section which passes through Cramlington and Seaton Valley.
To find out the title of each work and the artist, hold the cursor over each image.

Image Gallery

Footsteps in the Snow by Simon RingeNo Entry Gates by Simon Ringe

Cappella by Paula ChambersElly Dee by Jeremy LordEat for England by Bob Budd










For further information about the Blyth Valley Wildspace Network please contact: -

Environmental Projects Team

Tel: (01670) 542370


or Helen Moore - Arts development Officer

Telephone: (01670) 542267


For more information on walks in Blyth Valley, please contact:

Alan George - Walking Officer

Tel: (01670) 597108