Blyth Valley Art & Leisure

About Us


Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure (BVAL) is a charitable trust which was incorporated on the 3rd April 2003 and started trading on 1st December 2004

Currently BVAL manages and operates:

  • Blyth Sports Centre
  • Concordia Leisure Centre
  • Sporting Club Cramlington
  • Sporting Club Blyth
  • Ashington Leisure Centre
  • Newbiggin Sports and Community Centre
  • Pegasus Riding Centre
  • Arts Development throughout Blyth Valley
  • Blyth Beach Huts and the Dave Stephens Amenity Building.
  • Make-a-Move Leisure Inclusion  
  • In-house and external training

BVAL is funded by a combination of external funding and income generation, including an annual management fee from Northumberland County Council.  The trust is a registered charity, which means that any surplus income generated must be invested in improving facilities and services that we offer.

A board of trustees made up of 2 councillors and 9 other representatives has the legal responsibility of ensuring the Trust is managed appropriately.

BVAL also manage and operate the catering functions at the leisure facilities through Blyth Valley Leisure Catering which is a fully owned subsidary company of BVAL.

BVAL's objects

The company is established to promote the benefits of the inhabitants of Northumberland and the surrounding area by providing facilities in the interest of social welfare and other leisure-time occupations with the object of improving the condiitions of the said inhabitants.

BVAL's mission

To make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of the community, by increasing participation and providing access to a wide range of leisure facilities and activities across the borough.

Annual Review 2011/2012

Here is a copy of BVAL's Annual Review for 2011/2012...