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Swim Your Way to Fitness with Swimfit!

What is Swimfit?

Swimfit is a workout programme for the swimming pool, developed by swimming experts at the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)

Whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight or train for an event, Swimfit provides structure and purpose to your swimming sessions.

How does it work?

There are 2 different options - Swimfit Activate and Swimfit Activate+

1 - Swimfit Activate

Swimfit Activate allows you to follow your swimming session independently.swimfit card
You can choose from 30 different Swimfit Activate session cards (see image left) - all available on poolside. Each card is based on the number of lengths you wish to swim during your session. Ranging from 10 lengths to 120 lengths, there is a card suitable for every swimmer.

For example - Activate Card no. 7 is for 22 lengths. The card tells you that during the session you can burn up to 335 calories! It also guides you through the session...

Swim 6 lengths using front crawl, backstroke or breaststroke.
Rest for 1 minute after the 6 lengths.

Swim 4 lengths using either front crawl, backstroke or breaststroke
Rest for 30 seconds after each length

Swim 6 lengths using the same stroke as in stroke development.
Rest every 2 lengths until your breathing returns to normal.

Swim 6 lengths using a stroke of your choice without resting.

You did it! Next time, go the extra distance and follow the 24 length session card

You can also LOG EACH SWIM SESSION on the website where you can track your progress, access tailored programmes, create your own sessions and take part in Swimfit Challenges.

2 - Swimfit Activate+

Each Swimfit Activate+ session provides you with the opportunity to follow a Swimfit Activate session card in a group environment, with the additional benefit of a Swimfit Activate+ Instructor.

In these sessions you will receive an assessment of your goals, a recommended session to follow and plenty of support and motivation.

Swimfit Activate+ sessions cater for all swimming ability levels.

When can I do a Swimfit Activate or a Swimfit Activate+ session?

You can take part in a Swimfit Activate session at any time when the pool is open to the public. (See timetables below)

Swimfit Activate+ sessions will be available at Blyth Sports Centre at the following times -  

- Tuesdays, 6pm - 6.45pm
- Wednesdays, 7am - 7.45am

The Swimming pool timetable for Blyth Sports Centre can be viewed on this website by clicking here, or by browsing the leaflet below -


How much are the sessions?

For Swimfit Activate sessions you will pay what you normally pay for a public swimming session.
(Swimming charges)

Swimfit Activate+ sessions are instructor-led group sessions, so are considered to be a 'fitness class.'
The following charges will apply:

Swimfit Activate+ Session Prices

Type of membership Price
bval cardholder £2.60
Non-bval cardholder £3.70
Daytime gym, classes & swim member Wednesday 7am-7.45am - FREE
Tuesday 6pm-6.45pm - £2.60
Anytime gym & swim £2.60
Anytime classes & swim FREE
Anytime gym, classes & swim FREE
Single site gym & classes £2.60

If you would like to take part in one of these sessions, please book with reception as places are limited.