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MEND - Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it! mend logo

A FREE, fun Programme for Kids to become fitter, healthier and happier! 

Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure have recently started the first MEND Programme in Northumberland which has been received extremely positively by over 22 local families so far.

We would LOVE to hear from more families interested in joining the next Programme, which will be starting soon.


What is MEND?              


MEND stands for - M - Mind   E - Exercise   N - Nutrition   D - Do it! Get involved!

mend kids

Who is MEND for?

The MEND Programme is a fun course for families with children aged 7 to 13 whose weight is above the healthy range for their age and height.

What does the MEND Programme do?The BVAL MEND Team

The Programme helps children and families manage their weight better and lead healthier lives. It was developed by child health experts and research shows that it really works. With the support of their parents or carers, children learn how to improve their health, fitness and the way they feel about their bodies.

What would we learn if we took part in a MEND Programme?

If your family joins a MEND Programme, our team will teach you -

    All about nutrition and how to eat a balanced diet. 

    How to be more active, and show you some clever mind tricks to help you keep up your 

    Our team will help you make gradual changes so that you can stick to your new healthy
    lifestyle and show you skills to change your attitudes towards food and exercise so you
    can feel fitter, healthier and happier - for good!

What do you do in a MEND session?

The MEND Programme is made up of 20 sessions. Each session includes one hour of interactive workshop for children and parents, and one hour of exercise for the children whilst parents have an adult discussion.

How would we know if the MEND Programme had been successful, and what happens after the Programme?

Measurements are taken before and after the Programme, and there is follow-up contact including newsletters, reunion events and telephone support. We are also about to run a MEND Club every week for those that have completed the course and want to keep taking part in fun physical activity.

How much would it cost if we decided to take part?

The MEND Programme is offered FREE to families, as it has secured local, regional and national funding partners to help ensure that nobody misses out on this life-changing experience.

Where and When is the next MEND Programme?

There is a MEND Programme currently running, but the next one is due to start soon! Please contact us (details below) if you think you might like to join the next programme.

How can our family take part?

For more information, an informal chat or to book onto the MEND Programme, please contact

Jane Pledger
Health and Fitness Co-ordinator (BVAL)
(01670) 542576
Email -

MEND also have an excellent website which you can explore. MEND website.