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There has never been a better time to turn your health around! But how do you know what to do? How do you monitor your progress?

EASY! Most of the new equipment in the gyms at Concordia Leisure Centre, Blyth Sports Centre and Sporting Club Cramlington have been fitted with a fantastic computerised system called FitLinxx.FitLinxx logo

What is FitLinxx?

FitLinxx is a computerised system fitted to most of the cardiovascular and resistance machines in Concordia, Blyth Sports Centre and Sporting Club Cramlington's gyms.

What does FitLinxx do?

FitLinxx provides a new dimension to your workout experience!  Our instructors will create a personalised programme for you in Fitlinxx.   When you enter your PIN number on the console, FitLinxx 'coaches' you individually on speed, form, heart rate etc.  It records your workout sessions - every rep and set of your resistance workout and every step of your cardio workout. 

How does FitLinxx work?

All the exercise machines that are fitted with Fitlinxx are networked into a central database providing you with access to a wealth of information on your progress - graphs, reports etc. and a unique set of motivational tools.

How do I access this information?

The system can be accessed anytime/anywhere on the web. Click here to log on to Fitlinxx.

How do I get a PIN number?

If you have never visited the gym or used the new equipment at Concordia, Blyth Sports Centre, or Sporting Club Cramlington, please call in or phone us to arrange an appointment to be shown around these fantastic facilities. Our members of staff will be happy to discuss how FitLinxx works and how it can help turn your health around!